Great Scott! Wearable Technology Exists

Robins Kaplan LLP has asked Carney Forensics to speak at their 2019 Trial Advocacy Seminar entitled “Back to Justice” scheduled for Oct. 14 in Minneapolis, MN.  Furthermore, my panel is thrilled to assert “Great Scott! Wearable Technology Exists.

Please join me at the event:

Most importantly, the discussion aligns perfectly with our cell phone forensics and fitness tracker forensics services.  I recently wrote about fitness trackers and how to recover wearable technology evidence in my Exemplary Evidence column in Minnesota Lawyer.  Moreover, my article explains activity evidence collected by iPhones.  Examples of activities are steps, distance, and stair flights. And data recorded by Apple Watches, however, is forward on to connected iPhones. As a result, wearable technology is taking the measure of our lives and recording it for prosperity.

Check out Robins Kaplan‘s cool video featuring the big Eighties movie event here. Watch this!