About Kevin Bluml

About Kevin Bluml

Kevin Bluml
Kevin Bluml, GCFA, GCFE, EnCE, CPP

Kevin Bluml

Chief Computer Forensics Expert and Incident Response Examiner

I performed computer forensics investigations full time for twenty-five years. And I examined over 3,500 computers and authored hundreds of reports and conclusions. Furthermore, I testified at depositions and in the courtroom as an expert witness. Most importantly, I qualified on numerous occasions as a computer forensics expert witness in both State and Federal courts.

Email Evidence

Microsoft’s Office 365 is currently a hot topic. It is likely in use on your network. So don’t forget to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Office 365. You’re taking just that one step can keep your documents safe. I am highly qualified to handle your most difficult and sensitive computer and email evidence cases.

Was your client’s critical data just sent to a competitor? Understand some email programs store data in multiple locations. Knowing where to look is essential. Often deleted email is recoverable from some applications, but not from others. The search for email and attachments can be challenging and time consuming.  Electronic thieves use web-based email to avoid detection in a corporate environment. Knowing what to look for and where to find it are critical to success.

Explaining it all as an expert witness to a judge or jury is a unique skill that takes experience and knowledge.  And it also takes time, expertise and creativity to make testimony understandable. For example, something as simple as the clock on the computer and whether it was accurate or was changed can make or break a case.


Courtroom testimony, investigations, data analysis, email analysis, incident response.

Kevin is a phenomenal computer forensics investigator. He has the technical tools, imagination, and analytical thought process to accomplish every task and project. As the senior engineer, Kevin trained the new engineers leveraging his years of experience and expertise. Working with Kevin on projects was an absolute treat as he is a great mentor with a great sense of humor. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kevin again.