About Carney Forensics

About Carney Forensics

Who is Carney Forensics?

We are digital forensic experts who are passionate about recovering evidence from mobile devices like cell phones, iPhones, and Android smartphones. Also computers like Windows and Mac laptops and desktops. And the Internet, often called the web or the cloud. We serve as forensics expert witnesses in state and federal courts nationwide.  Please review our capability statement which describes Carney Forensics and our digital forensics services.

Carney Forensics was founded in 2008 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our work smart philosophy relies on heavy investment in world class digital forensic tools. We have a reputation for integrity, competence, accuracy, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. We are legally astute and insured. Our founder, John Carney, is an attorney licensed in federal and state courts and a Fellow in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Read more about us at Who is Carney Forensics?

The people at Carney Forensics care about our community and teach continuing legal education (CLEs) to attorneys across the state and nation featuring the latest digital forensic services and evidence topics. We perform pro bono work for the Innocence Project in Minnesota and the Dakotas and serve as their forensic experts.

Carney Forensics Value Propositions

Our Offerings
  • For licensed attorneys and investigators in private practice and government service.
  • Who need persuasive digital evidence with written or courtroom testimony by forensic expert witnesses.
  • Our expert digital forensics services recover relevant, material evidence from mobile devices, computers, crypto, GPS, and the Cloud.
  • To win or advantageously settle cases and close challenging investigations.
Our Positioning
  • Unlike traditional, local computer forensic experts or expensive, national consultants.
  • Our cutting-edge digital forensics services are delivered cost effectively using world class automated tools and methods.
  • By a state and federally licensed attorney and certified forensic experts with decades of forensically sound, professional, technology experience with proven results in court testifying as expert witnesses.

Our Digital Forensics Experts

At Carney Forensics our experienced and certified digital forensic experts have driven evidence investigators for hundreds of civil and criminal litigations in federal and state courts throughout the U.S. We work closely with counsel to prioritize digital devices, like mobile devices, computers, and online cloud accounts, to cost-effectively collect, preserve, analyze, and produce material, “best” evidence for your settlement talks, and ultimately, district court trials.

Our digital forensic experts prepare evidence from every investigation as though it is going to trial because often it does. We keep a detailed chain of custody and photographic records, and thorough lab notes for each digital device that comes through our lab to ensure its evidence admissibility.

Unlike licensed attorneys in the U.S., digital forensic experts do not have a formal code of standards that are regulated and enforced. But a common understanding exists in the industry that comports with criminal and civil law, as well as privacy rules and regulations, at federal and state jurisdictions.

Guidelines for Digital Forensics Experts

Experts must obtain written authorization to take possession of the digital device and examine it to produce evidence.

Experts must respect and conform to any limitations or conditions specified for the production of the evidence:

  • Device owner’s written authorization for consent
  • Court of proper jurisdiction’s written legal authorization by court order, protective order, search warrant, or subpoena

Experts must not reasonably exceed the written authorization for the scope of the examination to include the number of types of devices, also the types of extractions. Filtering and production authorizations to be respected and conformed to include date ranges, evidence types (artifacts), deleted or trace evidence, and metadata evidence.

Experts must adhere to scientific processes and conform to the scientific method.

Experts must perform forensically sound examinations of digital devices.

Experts must preserve and protect the integrity of digital evidence, and isolate it from contamination and corruption. We isolate each device from cell towers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication networks using Faraday bags and other advanced methods to prevent critical evidence from alteration or corruption so the opposing party can examine it in the same condition we did in preparation for trial.