Business FAQs

How can I be sure my client’s digital device will be admissible in court?

We have admitted digital evidence in federal and state courts all over the country for more than a decade and have never had our evidence denied. We maintain a strict chain of custody with foundation and we photograph all of our devices on intake. We record complete lab notes of our examinations.

Do you have an expert witness that can testify for me in court?

Yes, John J. Carney, Esq. is our expert witness who testifies in court for our cases. He is an attorney, licensed in state and federal court, and has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from MIT and a J.D. from Mitchell Hamline School of Law. He is a Fellow in the Jurisprudence section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

How do we know if a digital forensics company is qualified?

It is essential to review the CVs of digital forensic examiners. Do they have training and certifications for the top cell phone, computer, and cloud forensic tools? How many years of experience do they have in performing forensics examinations? How many and on what types of cases have they worked? How often have they testified in court as a qualified expert witness? An expert should be happy to share their experience, credentials, and references.

Can you help me with the technical language for a subpoena, court order, or preservation of evidence?

Yes. Our forensic experts can assist counsel in drafting language that will allow you to collect all the evidence in your case whether it’s cell phone, computer, online cloud, or cell towers. Few lawyers have both the technical and legal knowledge to draft these legal documents.

What are the rates of your professional services?

You can find our current price sheet here.

How do I hire you?

Carney Forensics is normally engaged by attorneys on behalf of their clients. Once we have the details of your case, we will check for any conflicts of interest with the parties. If none exist, we will send our service agreement to your attorney for his or her review and signature.