About Patti Ray

About Patti Ray

Patti Ray
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Patti Ray

Owner – Chief Financial Officer and VP of Sales

I joined Carney Forensics in 2011 and have served in many different roles with the company over the years.  Today I am co-owner and VP of Sales.  I collaborate with attorneys and investigators to win or advantageously settle cases by leveraging our digital forensic services.

Patti Ray’s Entrepreneurial Experience

Before joining Carney Forensics, I founded and operated several successful entrepreneurial companies.  I was granted a U.S. patent for one of my inventions.

Community Service

I enjoyed serving my community in Scandia, Minnesota, as City Council Member. I worked on expanding broadband connections for my fellow Scandia citizens during my four years on the council. I now serve on the City’s Internet Action Committee to continue my mission to expand the Internet to everyone in Scandia. In my last two years on the City Council I founded the Sister City Committee to form an alliance with Mellerud, Sweden across the Atlantic.

I am also a past President of the Bone Lake Association and a current board member.

Phone Forensics for Lawyers 101

Check out my Phone Forensics for Lawyers 101 series of informative posts online on my Patti Ray LinkedIn! profile.  Press the blue button to the left.