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Exemplary Evidence: “Digital Evidence Moves to the Cloud”

Digital Evidence Moves to the Cloud
Online accounts like Google, iCloud, Dropbox, and others are emerging as best evidence sources.  They can be life savers to replace destroyed, damaged, and lost smartphones or laptops. Is it time lawyers look for evidence in the cloud first? (Deposit photos)

Our first article “Digital Evidence Moves to the Cloud” was published today in Minnesota Lawyer. The series title is “Exemplary Evidence“.  I thank the paper’s editor, Barbara Jones, for her trust in me and Carney Forensics.  We are proud and consider it a privilege to contribute a monthly column to Minnesota’s finest legal industry periodical.

My first column, “Digital Evidence Moves to the Cloud”, notes the prevalence of iCloud and Google Cloud accounts connected to smartphones today.  I advise lawyers on the important role cloud evidence plays in litigation and investigations.  Cloud evidence often equals the data recovered from iPhone and Android smartphones.  I explain in the article how cloud evidence is rapidly becoming best evidence for civil and criminal cases. It is now routinely admitted in federal and state courts across the U.S.

It seems everyone in the U.S. has a smartphone today. Some of us have two. We have one for business and one for our personal lives. Might it be time for lawyers to begin looking for evidence in the cloud first?

So please check it out our new article “Digital Evidence Moves to the Cloud” here.