Decrypting Cryptocurrency Evidence

Forensics on the Blockchain: Decrypting Cryptocurrency Evidence for Legal Proceedings

The landscape of the financial world is changing, and it is crucial for professionals in the accounting and legal fields to expand their knowledge and understanding along with the evolving … Read more

2023 Readers Ranking Awards

Carney Forensics Wins 2023 Reader Ranking Award from Minnesota Lawyer – “Best Digital Forensics”

2023 “Best Digital Forensics” We are the happy recipients of the 2023 Reader Ranking Award for “Best Digital Forensics”!  They are published annually by the esteemed Minnesota Lawyer.  As a … Read more

distracted driving

Exemplary Evidence: “Proving Distracted Driving Using iPhone Forensics”

Cell phones are everywhere. These mobile devices are increasingly used for phone calls, text messages, social media, cameras, calendars, Internet browsers, games, and even monitoring our health. Much of our … Read more

cell phones are new dna

Exemplary Evidence: “Cell Phones Have Become the New DNA Evidence”

I want to share with you a widely available form of digital evidence lawyers are using to exonerate wrongful convictions, especially first-degree murders.  I will tell you Nidjia Nicks’ story … Read more

intellectual property theft investigation

Exemplary Evidence: “Exciting Advances in IP Theft Investigations”

Are you concerned your company’s intellectual property or proprietary data may have been misappropriated or otherwise lost or shared with unauthorized parties? Typically, intellectual property theft occurs shortly before or … Read more

smart speaker forensics

Exemplary Evidence: “Smart Speaker Companions May Be Informants”

Last month I presented fitness tracker evidence and cited a popular statistic on digital device usage in the U.S. This year each of us uses between three to four smart … Read more

fitness tracker forensics

Exemplary Evidence: “Fitness Trackers are Killing Our Opportunity to Lie”

Depending upon which information technology research company you follow, each of us in the U.S. this year uses between three to four smart devices connected to the Internet.  Often the … Read more

iPhone Forensics

Exemplary Evidence: “The Return of iPhone Forensics”

Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s new iPhone in June 2007 and it immediately became a successful product. Its popularity in America has grown, insanely some would say, to become the smartphone … Read more

Evidence Recovery During Coronavirus Pandemic

Exemplary Evidence: “Best Practices for Evidence Recovery in Pandemic”

My fourth article for Minnesota Lawyer changes it up a bit and expands on the series title “Exemplary Evidence“.  Instead of writing about the technology, I draw a parallel between … Read more

Mobile evidence is exemplary evidence

Exemplary Evidence: “Mobile Device Evidence is Exemplary Evidence”

I wrote a third article for Minnesota Lawyer this month to introduce mobile device evidence under the series title “Exemplary Evidence“.  Mobile evidence is Carney Forensics’ flagship service and my professional … Read more