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Good Question: Are There Better Ways to Keep Passwords Safe?

I appeared on WCCO’s Good Question series with John Lauritsen to answer the question: Are there better ways to keep passwords safe?  I advised the public on password safety due to a massive online credentials heist by Russian hackers.  Security experts say a Russian gang stole more than one billion usernames and passwords and 500,000 email addresses.

John Lauritsen WCCO

Click on the photo below to read my interview with John and to learn how passphrases can help. What are passphrases you ask?  They can be your favorite movie, book, or song rather than an actual word or name you might think of as a traditional password. They are several words separated by spaces.  And they are long which means they are strong and safe. I advise users to change their passwords now because 1.2 billion of them are out on the market, and passphrases make for great replacements.

Also, I provide compelling reasons why you need a software tool called a password manager to organize your digital life and keep it safe.  It can simplify your life so you can remember just a single password to get into an encrypted vault of all your many passwords.  The password manager will also automatically enter your passwords for you.  Now that simplifies things for you a lot!