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cell phones are new dna

Exemplary Evidence: “Cell Phones Have Become the New DNA Evidence”

I want to share with you a widely available form of digital evidence lawyers are using to exonerate wrongful convictions, especially first-degree murders.  I will tell you Nidjia Nicks’ story … Read more

smart speaker forensics

Exemplary Evidence: “Smart Speaker Companions May Be Informants”

Last month I presented fitness tracker evidence and cited a popular statistic on digital device usage in the U.S. This year each of us uses between three to four smart … Read more

fitness tracker forensics

Exemplary Evidence: “Fitness Trackers are Killing Our Opportunity to Lie”

Depending upon which information technology research company you follow, each of us in the U.S. this year uses between three to four smart devices connected to the Internet.  Often the … Read more

iPhone Forensics

Exemplary Evidence: “The Return of iPhone Forensics”

Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s new iPhone in June 2007 and it immediately became a successful product. Its popularity in America has grown, insanely some would say, to become the smartphone … Read more

Mobile evidence is exemplary evidence

Exemplary Evidence: “Mobile Device Evidence is Exemplary Evidence”

I wrote a third article for Minnesota Lawyer this month to introduce mobile device evidence under the series title “Exemplary Evidence“.  Mobile evidence is Carney Forensics’ flagship service and my professional … Read more

cloud evidence on smartphones and computers

Exemplary Evidence: “Discover Cloud Evidence on Smartphones and Computers”

I wrote a second article for Minnesota Lawyer this month after the holiday to develop further the discovery of cloud evidence on smartphones and computers under the series title “Exemplary … Read more

Digital Evidence Moves to the Cloud

Exemplary Evidence: “Digital Evidence Moves to the Cloud”

Our first article “Digital Evidence Moves to the Cloud” was published today in Minnesota Lawyer. The series title is “Exemplary Evidence“.  I thank the paper’s editor, Barbara Jones, for her trust … Read more

Deleted Video

Phone Forensics for Lawyers 101 – Deleted Video

We recently testified in a case where the all-important video was deleted from an iPhone and the iPhone’s Recently Deleted folder. How can a lawyer recover deleted mobile evidence upon … Read more

Why are so many hackers from Russia

Good Question: Why Are So Many Hackers From Russia?

I was interviewed by WCCO’s John Lauritsen last night during his popular Good Question series.  Check out the blog post below.  And play WCCO’s interesting video on YouTube.  I had … Read more

iPhone Forensics

Phone Forensics for Lawyers 101 – iPhone Lock Password

In the aftermath of the San Bernardino tragedy, many lawyers are unsure if Apple’s iPhones can be recovered today for responsive digital evidence. The FBI and Apple’s dispute was about … Read more