Fraud Investigators

Fraud Investigators

Digital Evidence Closes Cases

Have you ever had a tough white-collar fraud investigation that was frustrating because of insufficient evidence to answer your client’s questions or arrive at a conclusion? Maybe it was an insurance investigation or a money laundering case. Whatever it was, text messages, emails, digital photographs, voice messages, or even videos, might have been involved. And finding that evidence at the right time could have made all the difference for your client.

Would evidence from a cell phone change the outcome of your next fraud investigation?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, Carney Forensics can help you. We work with fraud investigators and forensic accountants to acquire, analyze, and authenticate relevant digital forensic evidence from thousands of cell phones, tablets, and personal navigation devices. Also, digital documents, email, and voice mail. We can obtain evidence from over 31,000 cell phone makes and models, including smartphones, with scores of new ones added every month. We provide advanced consulting services to answer your questions and assist you with information interpretation.

We have presented dozens of CLEs on digital forensics for the MSBA, Minnesota CLE including the Criminal Justice Institute, county bar associations, the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice, the Minnesota County Attorneys Association, and many civil litigation law firms nationwide.

Call us today for a free consultation on your latest case. We would enjoy working with you to find compelling digital evidence that can change the outcome of your fraud investigation.

During a contentious marital dissolution our client was desperate to find a way to show money received was a loan and not a gift. Miraculously, Carney Forensics dug beneath the surface of an Excel spreadsheet and proved it was created by the ex-wife and established when she created it! Not surprisingly, this new evidence prompted a quick settlement.
Elizabeth Lambrecht
Attorney at Law, St. Paul, MN