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Small Scale Digital Device Forensics

Could forensic evidence from a popular, mobile consumer electronics device help you win your client’s next case? The information people carry around with them in their GPS or personal navigation devices, smart watches, FitBits, digital cameras, and video recorders might surprise you.

GPS Devices

Many people carry with them or wear GPS or personal navigation devices for use in their car or truck for tracking progress while bicycling or running. These devices hold important geographical information that can place someone at the scene of a crime, prove up an alibi, or show details of a motor vehicle accident. This accurate geo-tagged evidence complete with date and time stamps paints a clear picture of the user’s whereabouts, and more importantly, can solve an investigation or close a case.

We have the technology to access GPS devices from Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, and from smart phone navigation apps so popular with folks today.  We will help you acquire case relevant waypoints, routes, and favorite locations saved by users as well as the track points and track logs recorded by GPS devices on the move. We can also push all that geo-coded evidence into mapping software like Google Maps, Google Earth, and Microsoft MapPoint for you so that your jury or judge can visualize it and understand its significance to your case.

The GPS track points we provide could change the course and outcome of your next case.

We have all the tools, training, and experience necessary to assist attorneys and investigators with cutting edge, digital forensics. Our reports are easy to understand and we will consult with you, draft affidavits, and provide expert witness court room testimony, if you need it.  Our cost effective forensic analysis is fast, convenient, and independent.

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