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Mobile Spyware

It’s not just for personal computers anymore. Yes, unfortunately spyware, viruses, ransomware, and malware can now infect your mobile phone.

Yes, exploits of many varieties can infect your mobile phone or tablet potentially causing data breaches.  Thousands of mobile exploits are out in the wild and the threat is expected to increase, especially for Android devices.  They can hijack your phone by disabling it, encrypting its data, or enabling one or more spies to access your mobile device and its data.  Yes, spyware on your mobile phone allows someone else to view your contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, videos, even listen to your conversations, or track your physical location!

Spyware software packages are marketed openly on the Internet under names like FlexiSPY, E-Stealth, Mobile Spy, and others for the purpose of enabling suspicious spouses, stalkers, corporate spies, or others to monitor targeted mobile phones.  Information from the bugged phone is usually captured and sent to a special web server for online inspection by the spy, who bugged the phone.

How can you tell if your mobile phone is infected or bugged?  Watch for unusual symptoms on the phone.  Is the battery warm or unexpectedly drained of power?  Is the lighting on the phone’s screen abnormal?  Check your service provider’s bill for unexpected data charges.  If access to your phone is not protected with a password or PIN, there is a much greater chance it could be bugged with spyware.

What should you do if you think your mobile phone or your company’s phone is bugged or infected?

Contact Carney Forensics. We have all the tools, training, and experience necessary to examine your mobile phone to detect mobile spyware and many more exploits.  We can identify it and the date your device was infected.  We can also advise you of mobile device cybersecurity risks and provide a check list of actions you can take to avoid becoming infected or bugged in the future.

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