Document Forensics

Your client’s or opponent’s digital document may contain evidence equivalent to a smoking gun for your case. But do you know who authored the document and when? Acquiring a document and admitting it into evidence as proof are not enough. You must link the evidence to the document’s author. That’s where document forensics is critical in depositions and courtroom testimony.

Although the digital document cannot speak, what it reveals about who, what, when, where, and how questions is more credible than witness testimony. We use document forensics tools to probe digital documents. And we produce answers from Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Also PDF documents and Computer Aided Design (CAD) files like AutoCAD. As a result digital document analysis exposes the truth of each document’s origin story.

Our cost effective document forensics service is deeply probative, fast, and convenient.

During a contentious marital dissolution our client was desperate to find a way to show money received was a loan and not a gift. Miraculously, Carney Forensics dug beneath the surface of an Excel spreadsheet and proved it was created by the ex-wife and established when she created it! Not surprisingly, this new evidence prompted a quick settlement.
Elizabeth Lambrecht
Attorney at Law, St. Paul, MN