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“Digital Evidence Wins Cases”

Have you ever had a tough case that was frustrating because of insufficient evidence to prove your claim or mount an effective defense?

Maybe it was a difficult sexual harassment case or an unfruitful employee investigation?

Maybe it was a taxing intellectual property case involving patent infringement or misappropriation of a trademark, trade secret, or other corporate information?

Maybe it was a tough divorce or domestic violence case? Or, it was a challenging harassment scenario involving cyberbullying of a spouse or a difficult OFP?

Whatever it was, text messages, e-mails, digital photos, voice messages, or even videos, might have been involved. And producing that evidence at the right time could have made all the difference in court.

Would evidence from a mobile phone, smart tablet, or other digital device change the outcome of your next case?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, Carney Forensics can help you. We work with civil trial attorneys in many practice areas including family, employment, business, intellectual property, civil rights, and others. Our goal is to acquire, analyze, authenticate, and admit relevant digital forensic evidence from thousands of mobile phones, smart phones, smart tablets, and GPS and personal navigation devices; also electronic documents, web mail, and voice mail. We can obtain evidence from over 23,000 cell phone makes and models, including smart phones, with scores of new ones added every month. We provide advanced consulting services to answer your questions and assist you with information interpretation and development of evidentiary strategy.

We have worked with large civil litigation law firms and solo/small firms alike in many practice areas. We have presented dozens of CLEs on digital forensics for the MSBA, MinnCLE including the Family Law Institute, county bar associations, the Family Law League, the Minnesota Association of Justice, and many civil litigation law firms nation wide.

Call us today at 651-695-1757 for a free consultation on your latest case. We would enjoy working with you to find compelling digital evidence that can change the outcome of your next case.

Our firm has used Carney Forensics on a number of litigation files. John Carney is always prompt and thorough. His education and extensive work experience in both computer technology and the law facilitate his communications with lawyers or judges regarding e-discovery and electronic evidence.
Stephen Snyder
Attorney at Law, Minneapolis, MN

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