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Mobile Phone Forensics

Could forensic evidence from a mobile phone or tablet help you win your client’s next case?

We can recover the memory of mobile phones and tablets and produce evidence the legal and investigative community has long thought unavailable. A new genre of mobile device extraction and analysis tools has given birth to break-through capabilities in forensic evidence collection and production.

We have the technology to access over 25,000 makes and models of mobile devices including Apple’s iPhones, Android devices from Samsung, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, Motorola, also Microsoft’s Windows Phone, even old BlackBerry devices and burner phones. We can harvest evidence from smart tablets like Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. We can help you acquire case relevant text messages, instant messages, call histories, contacts, photos, videos, audio recordings, voice messages, GPS track points, e-mail, calendars, and mobile apps of every description. We can find deleted and hidden text messages, photos, videos, etc. And we can recover or bypass missing passcodes that unlock mobile devices and their probative evidence.

The mobile evidence we provide could change the course and outcome of your next case.

We have all the tools, training, and experience necessary to assist attorneys and investigators with cutting edge, digital forensics. Our reports are easy to understand and we will consult with you, draft affidavits, and provide expert witness court room testimony, if you need it. Our cost effective mobile forensic analysis is fast, convenient, and completely independent of service providers and carriers with all of their red tape and the delays involved in getting traditional business records.

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