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Document Forensics

Could forensic evidence from an electronic document or spreadsheet help you win your client’s next case?

“During a very contentious marital dissolution our client was desperate to find a way to link money received from his parents to a loan and not as a gift. Miraculously, Carney Forensics was able to dig beneath the surface of an Excel income ledger and prove that, during the marriage, the ex-wife did indeed recognize the cash received from the parents as payments on a note and not as gifts to the couple. Carney was able to prove that the spreadsheet was created by the ex-wife and establish when she created it! Not surprisingly, this new evidence prompted a quick settlement.”

– by Elizabeth Lambrecht, Attorney at Law

What a digital document can tell you about the person who wrote it is often more important than what it says, if you read it. It may contain evidence equivalent to a smoking gun for your case, but do you know who created the document and when it was written? Obtaining a digital document and hoping to enter it into the record at court is not enough. You must link the evidence to the document creator and that’s where document forensics is critical in trial preparation. Although the electronic document cannot speak, what it can tell about who, what, when, where, why, and how is often much more credible than any testimony by a witness.

The document metadata we provide could change the course and outcome of your next case.

We have all the tools, training, and experience necessary to assist attorneys and investigators with cutting edge, digital forensics. Our reports are easy to understand and we will consult with you, draft affidavits, and provide expert witness court room testimony, if you need it. Our cost effective document forensics service is fast, convenient, and independent.

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