Mobile Device Forensics

Carney Forensics started recovering cell phone text messages and contacts from old flip phones back in 2008. Over a decade has passed and hundreds of cell phones in our lab have given up their secrets. New powerful mobile device forensics tools have delivered breakthrough capabilities for evidence recovery from iPhones and Android smartphones.

We Offer Advanced iPhone Forensics

For example, America’s most popular smartphone has become a materially important source of best evidence for civil and criminal litigation.  But the effectiveness of iPhone forensics to recover probative evidence has been declining for a decade.  A major, transformational advance introduced earlier this year marks the return of iPhone forensics.  It enables the recovery of vastly greater quantities of live and deleted evidence including new forms of deeply probative evidence we’ve only begun to understand.  We have invested heavily in several tools to extract this evidence from the broadest range of iPhone and iPad models and iOS versions. Imagine how you might use breakthrough iPhone messages, health, activity, and pattern of life evidence for advocacy on your next case.

We Can Handle Your Mobile Device, Glitches and All 

Whatever mobile device your client or opposing counsel may present, we can handle it. If it’s damaged, even waterlogged, we can repair it before examination. We can recover or bypass most passcodes that lock smart phones using bootloaders or more advanced techniques like JTAG, chip-off, and ISP. We can often defeat an encrypted Android phone. And if the phone disappears, we have a long list of alternative evidence sources to discuss with you as we work together to develop a plan “B” for proving your case.

Mobile Devices are Our Specialty

Our mobile device forensics tools recover evidence from over 39,000 makes and models of mobile devices. We also decode text messages, chat, and other evidence from over 590 unique versions of mobile apps from your client’s iPhone or Android phone. We have learned to avoid reliance on just one tool to recover evidence. One tool is never enough! So we use the three best cell phone forensics tools on the planet. We use all three to examine each cell phone that enters our lab to recover and decode all the mobile evidence on which your case may turn. If one tool, can’t find it, another will. We find deleted and hidden evidence on every phone we examine. As a result we have become experts at spoliation cases.

Mobile Device Forensics FAQs

How much does it cost for the acquisition and analysis of evidence from a mobile phone?

In the majority of cases we can acquire and analyze the phone’s evidence and generate tool analysis reports for between $3,000 to $5,000. Each smartphone takes approximately 8 to 12 hours of lab time. Factors that go to cost include how much analysis is needed, how much storage capacity is built into the smartphone, how accessible the phone’s evidence is given possible damage, passcodes, or encryption, and last, how many mobile device forensic tools are required to recover the evidence, especially deleted evidence, or specialty apps, or pattern of life evidence.

Can you bypass a phone’s passcode?

Often yes. Our mobile device forensic tools use bootloaders which can often bypass passcodes and extract the phone’s memory. Our tools can also remove passcodes from some phones. And we often use JTAG, chip-off, and ISP extractions of phone memory to bypass passcode protection.

Can you recover evidence from apps on a mobile device?

Yes, it’s our specialty. App evidence recovery from mobile devices depends on the make and model of the phone and the particular app which is the target of the goal of the examination. Every third party app records user-generated data in different ways. It is hard to state that deleted information can or cannot be recovered from a specific app without analyzing both the device and the app in question. The more popular the app, the better the chance is to recover the evidence because of support by more mobile device forensic tools.

Can you recover deleted evidence from a mobile phone?

Generally yes. The type and amount of deleted evidence recovered from a mobile phone depends on several factors: Make and model of the phone, usage of phone since the deletion, and length of time since deletion. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee all deleted evidence can be recovered from a mobile phone.

How long will my client need to give up their phone?

Usually just overnight. If we pick it up late afternoon, we can have it back by first thing in the morning. Please make sure all passcodes are available to us and the phone is not damaged.