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Carney Forensics, St. Paul, MN (2008 – Present)


Carney Forensics is in the business of helping attorneys, investigators, and corporations acquire, analyze, and admit relevant digital forensic evidence from mobile phones, PDAs, smart phones, GPS devices, MP3 players, electronic documents, web mail, and voice mail.  The firm acquires and analyzes evidence from over 2,100 cell phone makes and models, including smart phones, with new ones added every month. The firm provides strategic and tactical consulting services to answer client questions and assist with information interpretation and development of evidentiary strategy.  Forensic examiners serve as expert witnesses to get evidence admitted at court.  The firm’s clients include criminal defense firms, big and small general practice firms with civil cases, and various Judicial Districts of the Public Defenders in the State of Minnesota.

Carney Law Office PLLC, St. Paul, MN (2007 – Present)

Managing Partner

Provide legal counsel and representation for entrepreneurial and other small business and nonprofit clients in technology, intellectual property, and business law practice areas.  The firm also provides dispute resolution services (mediation/arbitration) to technology and software clients.

Carney Consulting LLC, St. Paul, MN (2007 – 2008)


Consulted with startup technology businesses providing Chief Technology Officer services that focused on electronic discovery, law office technology, document assembly, and web site architecture.

RAIN Resources, LLC, Shoreview, MN (2005 – 2006)

Senior IT Consultant

Client:  Fairview Health Services
Provided strategy direction and implementation leadership to Data Management team in Information Systems focused on transforming the data warehousing and business intelligence organization and lifecycle.

Best Buy Co., Inc., Richfield, MN (2002 – 2004)

Enterprise Architect, Information Systems

Led enterprise architecture team focused on corporate systems, enterprise data warehousing, business intelligence, and technology infrastructure in support of finance, HR, legal, communications, and property departments.  Defined service-oriented reference model and target architecture optimized for sustainability, cost effectiveness, and extensibility.  Focused on developing and executing strategic roadmap.  Provided decisive leadership on package evaluation and selection procurements for flagship systems.  Formulated architecture standards and guidelines, interpreting them and encouraging correct use.

divine/Whittman-Hart, Minneapolis, MN  (formerly marchFIRST) (2000 – 2001)

Director, Strategy and Alliances

Leader of strategy practice within professional consulting organization.  Hired and trained strategists.  Developed go-to-market plan for business and IT strategy.  Trained and mentored sales team.  Formed Strategy Community and fostered an environment of information sharing and education.  Evangelized e-business strategy and IT project management among local trade associations and industry groups.

Keane Inc., Minneapolis, MN (1999 – 2000)

e-Solutions Practice Manager

Established and grew e-business consulting practice in the largest branch office of the IT professional services firm.  Wrote the business plan focusing on CRM, SCM and Enterprise Architecture solutions.  Hired and trained consultants.  Led practice managers at a regional level to provide community and discover best practices, develop methodologies, and share knowledge.

Gage Marketing Group, Minneapolis, MN (1997 – 1999)

Vice President, Database and Internet Development and Operations

Executive leader of development team in marketing agency that provided database marketing, CRM, data warehouse, and e-business solutions and managed their operations for marketing clients all over the U.S.  E-business applications encompassed B2B and B2C solutions with links to fulfillment operations. Database marketing solutions included direct, loyalty and campaign management applications in addition to incentive and promotional marketing automation systems.  Completed turn-around plan for the agency by focusing on introducing innovative e-commerce applications and business intelligence solutions.  Had P&L responsibility.

Gartner Group Learning, Lowell, MA  (formerly J3 Learning Corp.) (1955 – 1997)

Senior Vice President, Product Development

Chief Development Officer of software education publisher’s e-learning product portfolio that embraced the web, multimedia, graphics, and video technologies.  Led and consolidated a multi-site, cross-functional product team through an acquisition by introducing reusability strategies and measures of quality and timely delivery throughout the organization.  Met all quarterly and annual expense measurements.  FY96 operational budget was $5.5MM.