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Carney Forensics Featured in The Petri Dish

Innovative technology, such as mobile devices and personal computers, is rapidly growing. Manufacturers are continuously improving their digital device products to enrich our day-to-day tasks. Such products offer people an easy and portable convenience for staying updated, entertained, informed––anywhere, anytime.

Today, over 93  percent of Americans use mobile phones; engaging  in data-rich activities that reach beyond making the basic phone call.  As the popularity and accessibility of technology rise, our lives tend to quickly adapt. It seems it’s nearly impossible to escape advancing technology, and only time will reveal where it’s ultimately going to bring us.

Recently, activity on any mobile or other digital device has become a helpful tool in the investigative community. Our electronics include flash memory, SIM cards, and smart media cards that can assist investigators to answer case-specific questions; making digital gadgets prime accomplices for retrieving information and pertinent evidence.

A recent article featured in The Petri Dish, a publication of the State of Minnesota Office of the Public Defender, John J. Carney, Principal of Carney Forensics, discusses how digital devices can help tap into discovery of hard-to-find digital evidence. In addition, he reveals how other devices like GPS units, MP3 players and e-books can augment investigative cases.

(Click here to download a PDF version of The Petri Dish article)

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